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Black Cats Rock!

It’s been an awful summer at the shelter.  We had almost 1000 cats and kittens surrendered in August alone.  And, trust me, many of them are not up for adoption.  With nearly 800 surrendered each month since May – well, you do the math.  The really tragic part is that many of these cats are being surrendered because their owners moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets.  I understand that some of these folks really do not have any other options.  But I think the majority just don’t try.


Someone I know posted a link on her Facebook page to an article written by a shelter director on the Cause for Paws Utah website about what really goes on in the back of a shelter.  “I think our society needs a huge Wake-Up call,” she says. Send this alarm to everyone you know – maybe it will get passed around enough so that maybe, just maybe, some of these selfish people begin to understand.  Maybe. Someday.


My mission tonight is to introduce some of our cats who have made it to the adoption floor, but who have been there a long time – partly because they are black.  Spread the word – please.

Harley is a loving middle-aged lady who is with us because she “accidentally” scratched her owner’s daughter.  If people were sent to jail for every accident we had, we would all be in real trouble!


Viero is a beautiful exceptionally soft young cat who has been with us all summer.  She was dominated by her sister, who commanded all the attention and was adopted first.  Now Viero is blossoming into a real charmer herself.

Genovia was adopted as a kitten, but is back with us because the children in the family she lived with kept letting her outside.  So it was felt that it was in her best interest to be returned.  She’s 4 years old.


Annie was found stray and is terrified of the shelter.  She spent a short spell in foster care where her foster mom found that Annie cheerfully greeted her first thing in the morning and loved to play with her young cat.  She has to return to the shelter in a few days and will close the door to her true personality again until someone who understands rescues her.  Annie is only 2 years old.


Oprah came to us half-starved, trying to support six babies with her depleted body.  She’s playful and happy now, and just as loving with humans as she is with kittens.


Treat is just that – a real treat.  Very sweet and unassuming, she loves to be petted and to play.  She will live happily with a couple other cats as long as there is a reasonable amount of space and no one is a bully.

Rosey says G'Night. This black kitty is all mine!


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  1. VIero (we changed her name slightly to Viera because it sounds more girly) now has a loving home with us. We adopted her back on Sept 25th and she is just a great cat. Black cats are awesome!

    Comment by Melanie | November 2, 2011 | Reply

    • Wonderful! She is a very sweet girl. I haven’t had much time for the blog this year with all the cats we’ve taken in. I’m going to have to check on how many of those black cats still remain with us. I know some still do. Thanks so much for lettering me know that at least this one is loved.

      Comment by arlcatlady | November 2, 2011 | Reply

      • Unfortunately, far too many of them are still around. 😦 Genovia, Hartley, Annie, and Oprah are all still awaiting homes. 😦

        Comment by Tanya | November 2, 2011

      • And that’s about what I thought, too! Harley and Oprah in particular are just the nicest cats you can imagine.

        Comment by arlcatlady | November 2, 2011

  2. i recently fostered 4 kittens that were dropped…litterly dropped on the road going down the road to my plan..of course its in the country.But anyway i enjoyed every minute i had with those babies even though they were all sick and needed medical attention the great folks at the ARL helped with that ..i provided the nurturing and love.But when they all reached that magical number of 2 pounds i had to give them to the ARL so they could be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption. Within 1 week 3 out of the 4 were adopted,Greyson,Fuzwad and the smallest .Buttercup. But the 4th one on one wanted because he was black. it broke my heart .So I searched the website until I found Blackie. I called the ARL to adopt him .they moved him to Petco in Robinson.let me tell you i cryed for a week ..then i decided to drive the 100 mile round trip to adopt him. when i arrived at Petco they were several cages with kittens in ,so i took a look most of them were black. I went up to each cage and called “Blackie” and then ..Blackie put up his small head looked right at .meowed and then hung on the cage door.And again i was teary eyed…i found my little Blackie!!!we matched his number with the papers the ARL gave me and sure enough it was him!! I brought him home that night and he now lives with me and my dog and other cats. they all accepted him right away.He is such a sweet boy, who now has his forever home!!!

    Comment by Deborah Nemitz | September 19, 2011 | Reply

    • OMG, Deb, you made me cry! People think they don’t know they’re names or the voices of those humans. They certainly do!

      Comment by arlcatlady | September 19, 2011 | Reply

  3. Aww, you’re tugging at my heart strings again with the black kitties. I can personally attest to the fact that black cats are so often the most sweet-tempered, good pets that you could ever have. My most recent one, another Annie, was from the ARL and I am so happy that we found her.

    I hope that these kitties get adopted soonest.

    Comment by MelanieJ | September 17, 2011 | Reply

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